Friday, April 29, 2011

"Pale Fuji,36 Views of Mt Fuji #37," from The Japan Animal Rescue Project, an auction held in a small gallery in Eureka, CA to help Japan animal rescue efforts after the earthquake.

The auction was an amazing experience of artists and buyers wanting to help. We raised $6000 to donate, a huge amount considering small town, small hallway of a gallery. As a self-employed artist I've never had much to give- I was unprepared for how wonderful it felt to be able to donate so much money. I started thinking what else I can do.

So, I thought to set up a blog to sell cards and paintings, with a portion of the sales going to the Save the Tiger Fund and Sequoia Humane Society to start with. I don't know what we can pull in, but anything would help. 

Rachel Schlueter "Wood Duck" from The Japan Animal Rescue Project.
10x10 oil on canvas
original sold
available as card
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Regina Case
"Tiger," 2011
 7 1/2 x 14 1/4 acrylic on canvas
$200 of this purchase will go to the Save the Tiger Fund

20 years ago at the start of my career as an artist I did a series of tiger paintings. Tiger populations are in such a precarious position now. I can't imagine the world without them. They can be helped. I want to be part of it.

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