About Art Helps the Planet

Carol Andersen "Even the Smallest,"
sold in the Japan Animal Rescue  auction

Art Helps the Planet is just getting started. It is a group of professional artists in the Pacific Northwest selling original work, and prints and cards made from that work. A percentage of the sales price benefits animal rescue organizations. The first two are Save the Tiger Fund, which is now panthera.org and Sequoia Humane Society. Art can be purchased directly from the blog, through our Etsy shop, by emailing us using Paypal, and seen in person at the C Street Hall Gallery in Eureka.

So far, we've been able to donate $1730 from blog, gallery and studio sales, and Panthera has agreed to promote our Tiger show to benefit them in April of 2012.

I decided to do this after organizing the Japan Animal Rescue Project, an auction of art in Eureka, California to benefit animal relief organizations after the earthquake in Japan. The auction was an amazing experience of artists and buyers wanting so much to help. We raised $6000 to donate, a huge amount considering small town, small hallway of a gallery. As a self-employed artist I've never had much to give- I was unprepared for how wonderful it felt to be able to give so much money. I started thinking what else I can do. 

You can donate directly by using the buttons on the right. Every small bit helps. We can make a difference. 
Thank you for helping. 
Regina Case

Learn more about Art Helps on Fabulous Animal Rescue Project's interview with Regina

contact us r.case@suddenlink.net