Fabulous Animal Rescue Project interview

(Interview by Fabulous Animal Rescue Project December 2011)

Get to know Project member Regina Case

1. Introduce yourself and where you hail from?

I am an artist living on the coast of Northern California, in the very beautiful Pacific Northwest.

2. Tell us about your art or craft?

I've been a painter all of my life, and so fortunate to have always been able to pursue my career. It's such a wonderful way of life.

3. Who or what inspires you most to create?

I am constantly compelled to paint the beautiful dogs posing around my home. And the wonderful places we walk every day. Painting is a way of looking carefully at what I love-I pull together all of the things that make life so amazing, so one painting often includes my dog, warm rooms that represent my home, and rivers or oceans outside the windows or open doors.

4. What is your favorite piece or thing that you have created?

A number of paintings that capture the best things around me-they remind me to remember how lucky we are. I'll include a couple of recent paintings.

5. Why did you decide to join the Project?

I read a discussion on Flickr about what Stacey at FARP was doing, using animal images artists sent her to make cards, then selling them to gather donations to help animal rescue organizations. It was a wonderful idea, and I sent her images of my paintings to use.

6. Has being connected to the other artists of the Project inspired you as an artist?

Absolutely. Stacey's work on videos to help the displaced animals from the Japan earthquake was a huge inspiration. I wanted so much to do something for Japan, and started thinking about what I could do as an artist. I organized an auction of about 25 artists' work to benefit the Japan animal rescue efforts. It was just an unbelievable experience of artists and collectors wanting so much to help. I thought if I had lost everything, but someone had been able to save and return my beloved dog, how very, very much that would mean to me. We were able to make huge donations to JEARS and Animal Refuge Kansai.

7. Do you use your talent as an artist to help animals in other ways?

After the Japan auction, I realized how much I wanted to give something back to the planet. I considered volunteering at our local Humane Society, but thought I'd end up with many animals... I decided to start a blog of local professional artists' work devoted to promoting the art, donating a portion of the proceeds, and education. We donate to our local Humane Society and Save the Tiger Fund, which is now part of Panthera.org. We are going to do another auction in April to benefit Panthera.

8. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.

I could talk forever about the wonderful animals I've loved and how much I've learned from them. Maybe my paintings say it better.

9. When you are not creating what do you like to do?

I love to walk with the dogs, and swim in summer. We can walk miles up our local river, swim and be in amazing nature, and still home for dinner.

10. You are commissioned with no limitations to use your talent to create one piece that would spread a message about animal welfare. What would you make?

Maybe an image of a healed planet, with wild animal populations in huge, untouched wild areas, and safe. And our beloved domestic animals in warm homes and loved. We need to remember to hope-it's still possible!


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