Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to Tiger! Auction for Panthera.org

an online and real space silent auction
View in person Thurs. April 5th and Fri. 6th 12-6:00 and Sat. 7th 12-8:30 at the C Street Hall Gallery, 208 C St, Eureka 
The auction has concluded-work below that is not sold may still be available for purchase. Contact us for more information on any piece.   

Patricia Sennott 

Monotype 22 x 17"

Donation 30%
email us to purchase r.case@suddenlink.net

Learn more about Patricia on her website

John King
"Flying Calypso"
cast concrete 


50% donation 

Life could have crawled out of the dark muck and evolved into the many different forms of life now around us. Or perhaps it was brought down from space in the suitcase of a merchant traveling between different worlds. The atoms that make up everything in the universe came from the surrounding stars that blew away fragments and dust that swirled into planet forming eddies. The wonderful thing is that everything in our existence, from rocks to plants are made up of the same type of atoms, they are just arranged in different ways. I like this view of the universe. It is what I think about while I am working on art.

John King
"Raven Table," 2011
Cast concrete, copper and glass
50% donation

See more of John's work johnkingartist.com

Blake Ritter 
"Traditional Origami Lobster"
5"x5" folded from one paper. 

20% donation

Janet Domino
Porcelain bowl 8.5 x  2 " deep
Hand painted with underglazes, cone 10 fired. If you are interested in this bowl, we can email you a photo after its final firing in about a week.

25% donation
contact us to purchase

Linda Wise
"Throne Out"
welded recycled metal chair
Retail value $475
40% donation


Learn more about Linda's work on her website

Claire Iris Schencke

"Crouching Kallipygos"
30"x 24" framed pastel on colored paper

Donation 50%

Learn more about Iris' work www.claireirisschencke.com

Ivan Kcots
"Tiger Stripes"
12x22 oil on panel

30% donation
contact us to purchase
Rachel Schlueter
"Tiger's Path" 
9x9" oil on panel

Donation 20%
contact us to purchase

Rachel Schlueter
"Jungle Boogie
8x8" oil on panel

Donation 20%

contact us to purchase

Rachel Schlueter
"Tiger's Gaze
9x12" oil on panel

Donation 20%
contact us to purchase

Scroll down to see more of Rachel's work for the auction and view her website here

Regina Case
"Ethiopian Wolves" 2007-2012
20x24 acrylic on canvas

Donation 20%
contact us to purchase

Scroll down to see more of Regina's work for the auction and view her website here

Welcome to our auction for Panthera.org Bids may be made by email or in person in early April at the C Street Hall Gallery, 208 C Street, Eureka, California. Close of bidding is Saturday, April 7th at 8:30pm. Successful bidders may pay by check or Paypal. We are happy to ship work.
Sign up to follow by email and to see the work of 35 professional artists for the auction as it is posted. 

Kathy O'Leary
"Garden Sentinel"
10 x 10 oil

50% donation
contact us to purchase

"I'm a landscape painter working in oils, living on the North Coast of California.  I enjoy painting in gardens when I get the opportunity, and particularly like to include pots and statuary in the painting.  I painted this piece in my own small flower garden, and included my garden statue of St. Francis.  More information about me and images of my paintings can be seen on my web site: kathyoleary.com, and my blog:  kathyolearyart.blogspot.com"

Linnea Tobias
24 x24" on 2 inch cradled panel


40% donation

contact us to purchase

I enjoy painting modern, colorful interpretations of nature. I’m inspired by my daily walks and the changes I observe from day to day. The birds, trees, plants, light and color that I see emerge later in the paintings I create. I am influenced by textile design, the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, optical illusions, and the changing of the seasons. I use watercolor and acrylic paint, combining collage and texture with abstract forms and patterns. I also create monotypes when I have access to a printing press. Each painting or print has multiple layers of color to heighten contrasts and create an inner glow. I am inspired by the forms and patterns in my garden, my family and my pets- bits and pieces of my everyday life combining themselves in unique forms.
See more of Linnea's work on her website linneatobias.com

Libby Maynard
"Oroborous Swirl," mixed media
8" x 8"

Donation 50%

My art is about the amazing way that animals tap into the universal energy and teach us that simplicity.

Learn more about Libby here

Panthera’s mission is to ensure the survival of the world’s largest and most endangered cats through global conservation action. Panthera works with governments and local populations to set aside reserves and corridors for travel between. They are promoting a future in which wild cat species have the necessary and ongoing protection from human and environmental threats to persist and thrive in the wild. Read more on their website Panthera.orgWe can save the tiger.

Donate directly to Panthera.org with this link

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Jim McVicker
"Loleta Cow" 
7x10 3/4  oil on paper

Donation 30%  

contact us to purchase

McVicker paints his landscapes directly on site in Eureka and the Loleta Valley. Writing in a catalogue essay, poet Bill Mohr observes: "No artist masters the unseen, but McVicker's portrayal of its strength in our existence is reassuring to those who wish to persist in search of hidden meanings, hidden proofs."
The self-taught artist has shown nationally and throughout California. In 1999 he completed a large mural commission in the Dining Room at the San Francisco Civic Center Courthouse. His work has been featured in Art & Antiques, Art of California, American Artist magazine and in the book, The Artist and the American Landscape (First Glance Books, 1998).

See more of Jim's amazing work on his website:.jimmcvickerpaints.com

Sara Starr
"Three Tigers"
Retail value $250
Donation 20%

This high-fire tile is 6” by 8”, fired to Cone 10, and is suitable for outdoor installation or for kitchens and baths.

"This tiger tile is influenced by a recent visit I made to the Fairmont Hotel’s Cirque Room. The first bar to open in San Francisco following prohibition, it was decorated with murals painted by the Bruton sisters. Rather than place my tigers in a circus environment, I chose to put them in their natural environment, in hopes that art can help save tiger habitat.”
Sara has created commissioned work, such as kitchen murals, for homes, and art for Sequoia Park Zoo and other public spaces.

Contact Sara:Phone 707-444-3646, email SaraStarrArt@gmail.com

Sara Starr

"Tiger Love"
High-fire ceramic art tile
Suitable for wet or outdoor installation.

Retail value $300

20% donation

High-Fire Styles Tiles
by Sara Starr

Sara’s tile works draw from her background as a painter. She first paints designs to define areas on her tiles using a wax-resist technique called “cuerda seca,” which originated in 15th-century Spain. She then pours glazes to create distinct shapes. Her finished works often reflect the natural environment of Humboldt County – redwood trees, shore birds, and wildflowers are recurrent themes.

“Because of my lifelong love of felines (large and small), I am thrilled to be part of the Tiger! Auction for Panthera.org. This tile reflects a mother’s love for her cub and gives me hope that tigers will retain the habitat to continue to rear their young.”

Love of color is reflected in the vibrant glazes she achieves with selected glazes for high-fire tiles. All work is fired to Cone 10 and is suitable for outdoor installation or for kitchens and baths.

She has created commissioned work, such as kitchen murals, for homes, and art for Sequoia Park Zoo and other public spaces.

Ralphie Hendrix
8 X 8 pastel
matted and set in a dark mottled frame.  
Retail value $200 
40% donation
Ralphie Hendrix
"In Their Element," dry pastel
 7-1/4 X 5-1/4 matted and set in 12 X 8 black wood frame
Donation 40%
See more of Ralphie's work, and some other wonderful painters lostcoastdailypainters.blogspot.com

Ralphie Hendrix
"Young Blue Heron", framed in black wood 12 X 8 matted.  Image 7.5 X 5.5 dry pastel
Donation 40%
contact us to purchase

 I was in San Diego attending my granddaughter's graduation.  We were there for a few days.  While visiting and sight seeing, we were walking along the beach and  lo and behold, this young Great Blue flew in and started hunting for lunch.  He wasn't afraid of us so we figured this was one of his favorite spots for sand crabs amongst the rocks.
 Susan Cooper

11 x 14" oil on canvas, in black plein air frame
Donation 20%
contact us to purchase
I came from a long line of bodacious, bawdy Southern women who considered creativity
self-indulgent and introspection peculiar. Breaking tradition, my idea of a rip-roaring time is communing with trees, kneeling in earth, hearing the song of marsh frogs as a holy choir. These days I have become so enamored with creativity that I want my doormat to read : I love you, now go away. I often consider food on a plate so visually sensuous that I can’t decide whether to paint it or eat it. 

Scroll down to see a print by Susan Cooper

Roberta Heidt-Preble

"Tiger" gouache and wax on paper
17 x 11"

100% donation
contact us to purchase

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