Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marian Coleman

Marian Coleman
"Sitting Pretty Kitty Clock"
Ceramic 8" high & 5" wide
Shipping $10
30% donation to Panthera.org

"Frog and Dragonfly Clock"
Ceramic 7" square
Shipping $10
30% donation to Panthera.org

I’m a self-taught artist, inspired by color and fantasy. My primary medium is ceramics. Many years ago I took a night class in ceramics and fell in love with clay. I’ve been working and experimenting with it for over 30 years. I love the feel and the flexibility of clay, and I love the exquisite luminosity, range and depth of the glaze colors. When I work I try to follow the direction of my heart and my mind and my hands while listening to the voice of the clay.   

See more of Marian's wonderful work on her Etsy shop 

Art Helps the Planet is a group of professional Pacific Northwest artists donating part of the proceeds from original art, print and card sales to animal rescue organizations. 

Contact us r.case@suddenlink.net

Panthera’s mission is to ensure the survival of the world’s largest and most endangered cats through global conservation action. Panthera works with governments and local populations to set aside reserves and corridors for travel between. They are promoting a future in which wild cat species  can  persist and thrive in the wild. Read more on their website Panthera.org

We can save the tiger.

Donate directly to Panthera.org with this link

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