Friday, May 20, 2011

Regina Case
"Kauai," 2010
8x10 acrylic on canvas
$60 from this purchase to Sequoia Humane Society
also available as a card to benefit Sequoia Humane Society through our Etsy shop or by emailing us.
This painting was inspired by a visit to my brother and family in Kauai. The dog, Fiona, was not there, but I wished she was! She was adopted from Sequoia Humane.

See this painting if you are in Eureka for Open Studios June 11 or 12th at the home and studios of Regina Case and John King. for information

"Evening River with Chaos," 2010
available as card and print to benefit Sequoia Humane Society.
This is remembering coming home in the late afternoon on the river. The dogs nearly capsized us over the birds you can see in the distance. Very best possible day with dogs and a warm river. Chaos was the sweetest old dog. 

Art Helps the Planet is a group of Humboldt County artists who donate a portion of the proceeds from painting and card sales to animal rescue organizations. If you are in Eureka, you can see the work in person at the C Street Hall Gallery, 208 C Street, open the first Saturday of the month from 12-9:00 and the Friday before 6-9:00 and by appointment. 498-0059

Work by Libby George, Sara Starr, Carol Andersen, John King and Linda Parkinson to be posted soon.


  1. beautiful images, I especially like Evening River when you open it on it's own page the image puts you right there in the boat on the river, very dramatic and breathtaking, well done!

  2. Really great sense of space and distance in your work. The colors are glorious (and I love the beautiful dog, too).

  3. Shirley,
    Thank you so much. Nice coming from an artist who does beautiful work. Thanks for looking and commenting.