Sunday, December 4, 2011

Help for Animal Refuge Kansai

Regina Case
"36 Views of Mt Fuji #37"
archival print on 8.5 x 11 paper
100% donation to Animal Refuge Kansai

Animal Refuge Kansai is in huge need to continue helping orphaned animals from the Japan earthquake.

Update 3rd December 2011
... Meanwhile with the passing of time, now nearly nine months after the earthquake, many shelters, both private and government run, are facing the pinch, financially and lacking volunteer help. Animals kept in small cages for this length of time are showing severe signs of stress. 
ARK was asked to take in more animals from a government run shelter in Fukushima to relieve pressure on the staff there....
Elizabeth Oliver Animal Refuge Kansai to read more or donate directly

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If you are in Eureka, you can see and purchase this print at The C Street Studios and Hall Gallery Open House, today 11-4 208 C Street and the weekends before Christmas, Sat and Sun 11-4. Also cards, prints and original work benefiting Sequoia Humane Society, and  Panthera.
Work by Rachel SchlueterStock SchlueterRegina Case, John King, Augustus Clark, Arupa, Lida Penkova and Daniel Doherty, fine art prints by Libby George and Patricia Sennott, tiles and cards by Sara Starr and more.
A percentage of all sales from Art Helps the Planet goes to Panthera or Sequoia Humane Society. We've donated $492 so far. Everything helps, thank you!

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