Friday, July 22, 2011

John King

John King
Two views of "Flying Calypso"
cast concrete 
50% donation to  Sequoia Humane Society

Life could have crawled out of the dark muck and evolved into the many different forms of life now around us. Or perhaps it was brought down from space in the suitcase of a merchant traveling between different worlds. The atoms that make up everything in the universe came from the surrounding stars that blew away fragments and dust that swirled into planet forming eddies. The wonderful thing is that everything in our existence, from rocks to plants are made up of the same type of atoms, they are just arranged in different ways. I like this view of the universe. It is what I think about while I am working on art.

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I carved an image of our dog, Calypso, in a piece of tan oak after she passed away. She was a great friend and life voyager. This is a solid concrete sculpture poured from a cast made from that carving. "Flying Calypso," Calypso traveling to a new life, into a new dimension or perhaps being reborn as a pure photon stream.

Art Helps the Planet is a group of professional artists donating part of the proceeds from original art, print and card sales to animal rescue organizations. 

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