Friday, July 8, 2011

Rachel Schlueter and Daniel Doherty

"Tiger Eyes"
Rachel Schlueter
available as a card from our Etsy shop
at the C Street Hall Gallery or by emailing us

Cards are $5, charity donation to save the tiger fund, now known as

See more of Rachel's work at

Today we were able to donate $200 to Save the Tiger Fund and $20 to the Humane Society from sales of cards, prints and originals

"Throw It" 
linocut by Daniel Doherty
framed $160 
about 10 x 18"
100% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
This can be purchased by email through paypal
You can also purchase this work framed or unframed from the C Street Hall Gallery by appointment

Daniel Doherty and Lida Penkova's show is at the C Street Hall Gallery through July. Wonderful work, amazing color, drawing from aboriginal, Mexican and ancient Egyptian influence. Lida's statement says it better on the previous post.

Art Helps the Planet is a group of professional artists donating part of the proceeds from original art, print and card sales to animal rescue organizations. 

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  1. Any way to get word to Daniel: Julia from Cuernavaca is trying to find him...