Saturday, September 24, 2011

Regina Case "Fall Evening" for Panthera

"Fall Evening," 2011
acrylic on canvas
14.5 x 17.25
20% donation to

Tigers need your help now more than ever. Donating will help Panthera ensure a future for the fewer than 3200 tigers remaining in the wild. Read about what Panthera is doing to save tigers here.
Every small bit helps, card purchases or donate directly to Panthera here.
Panthera, which has now joined with Save the Tiger Fund, will promote our auction for them next April, 2012, at the C Street Hall Gallery in Eureka.

My wonderful dog, Fiona.
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Contact us about purchasing this painting. 

Cards and prints to benefit and Sequoia Humane Society availabe as well at C Street Hall Gallery in Eureka, 208 C Street. 498-0059 or 442-1419

Art Helps the Planet is a group of professional artists donating part of the proceeds from original art, print and card sales to animal rescue organizations.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Your sense of color and perspectives are quite stunning!

  2. stunning describes this painting, love it! Congrats on your beatutiful blog!