Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patricia Sennott

"Ancient Nebraskan (Sandhill Crane)"
Monotype  (original sold)

Fine Art Print  12" x 14"  
20% donation to  Sequoia Humane Society
$1 donation to  Sequoia Humane Society

On annual camping trips to North East California and South East Oregon, happening upon a pair of these stately birds has always been a source of joy and wonder for me. When they are accompanied by their young fluffy offspring it is even more entertaining! But that is also worrisome: when I am going to sleep after seeing them I worry about all the predators in the area! This particular bird was one of many thousands gathered along the Platte River in Nebraska, where they have gathered for years to rest on their long Spring migration. The Sandhill is one of the oldest living bird species on earth.

"Lazuli Bunting"
Monotype,  Image 22" x 30"  
$500 in plain wood frame or $400. unframed 
20% donation to  Sequoia Humane Society

Fine Art Print  12" x 16"  $50
20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
also available as a greeting card

These brilliantly hued songbirds appeared alongside the Mad River near where I live in Blue Lake this Spring! Their lively song enhanced my walks along the levy and this is the 1st of my images of them.

"Harmony" Monotype (original sold)
available as
Fine Art Print  10" x 16"  $50

20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
Available as a greeting card

"Golden Thought" is from an ongoing series of bird images on which I work spontaneously. With a loose idea in mind, I randomly  roll out 3 colors of recycled oil based ink  on hard plastic. Then I wipe out my image with cotton swabs and bits of paper towel. When I am satisfied with the emerging image, I place the plastic on the bed of an etching press, cover it with damp rag paper, and roll it through the press. The pressure forces the ink into the paper and the image appears!

"Golden Thought"
Monotype  (original sold)
Fine Art Print  11" x 15"  $50

20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
Available as a greeting card
This image is a reminder for me of the sacredness of our natural world. The mystery and wonder of a bird and of wildflowers are timeless.

See more of Patricia Sennott's wonderful work on her website

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