Monday, August 29, 2011

Regina Case "Cloudline"

"Cloudline," 2011
acrylic on canvas 14.5 x 24

I like that you can look at this for a bit before noticing the small consciousness looking back at you. 
"Cloudline," detail
This is my friend Ian's house in Austin, but with a view of our local Mad River out the windows. I was trying to catch how beautiful it is when the clouds start spilling over the mountains to the west. So wonderful to lie in the sun after swimming and watch the fog banked against the coastal side. Such an unbelievably wonderful place to live.

If you are local, you can see this during Arts Alive this weekend, Friday Sept 2, 6-9:00 and Saturday Sept 3, 6-9:00 at the C Street Hall Gallery, 208 C Street, Eureka. 498-0059 or 442-1419. I'll post the other people showing as soon as I know...

After the weekend the painting goes to the Gualala Arts Center for the month of September for the Artists of Humboldt County show; work of Jim McVickerTheresa OatsStock SchlueterRachel SchlueterJohn KingKathy O'LearyLinda Wise, John Crater, and Peter Zambas

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Good news, Panthera will promote our Tiger show to benefit them, in April 2012. See previous post

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