Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sara Starr

"Siamese on White"
20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
3” Siamese kitty tiles
high-fire ceramic, suitable for any location (kitchen, bath, garden) 

Each is made by hand, every one is slightly different.

Choice of background color – blue, white, black, red, yellow 

My inspiration for these tiles comes from the Siamese cats I’ve had since I was a student at Penn State – over 35 years of living with these wonderful friends! 

Learn more about Sara Starr's work at 

Fire Arts Arcata/Sara Starr

"Siamese on Blue"
20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society

Tiles can be purchased by emailing us using Paypal, through our Etsy shop, or at the C Street Hall Gallery in Eureka, 498-0059

Art Helps the Planet is a group of professional artists donating part of the proceeds from original art, print and card sales to animal rescue organizations.

Good news, Panthera will promote our Tiger show to benefit them, in April 2012. See previous post

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