Monday, April 16, 2012

"The Farmhouse Studio" for Panthera

Regina Case
"The Farmhouse Studio," 2012
14x11 acrylic on canvas
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This is remembering the first whole room I had for a studio, on the second floor of a wonderful old farmhouse we rented for almost nothing. Surrounded by flower farms and dairyland-its second floor height put me almost in the low clouds that blew over the dunes from the ocean. A magical place.

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It looks like our April auction for Panthera is netting about $1250 to donate. More on that soon. 

Panthera’s mission is to ensure the survival of the world’s largest and most endangered cats through global conservation action. Panthera works with governments and local populations to set aside reserves and corridors for travel between. They are promoting a future in which wild cat species  can  persist and thrive in the wild. Read more on their website
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