Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sara Starr Elephants and Siamese

Sara Starr "Elephants on Parade," 4x12" $150 20% donation to
High-fire ceramic art tile
Suitable for wet or outdoor installation.
"Siamese and Mouse"
4x4" $35  20% donation to Sequoia Humane Society
contact us to purchase, or contact Sara:Phone 707-444-3646, email
High-Fire Styles Tiles by Sara Starr

Sara’s tile works draw from her background as a painter. She first paints designs to define areas on her tiles using a wax-resist technique called “cuerda seca,” which originated in 15th-century Spain. She then pours glazes to create distinct shapes. Her finished works often reflect the natural environment of Humboldt County – redwood trees, shore birds, and wildflowers are recurrent themes.

“Because of my lifelong love of felines (large and small), I am thrilled to be part of the Tiger! Auction for This tile reflects a mother’s love for her cub and gives me hope that tigers will retain the habitat to continue to rear their young.”

Love of color is reflected in the vibrant glazes she achieves with selected glazes for high-fire tiles. All work is fired to Cone 10 and is suitable for outdoor installation or for kitchens and baths.

She has created commissioned work, such as kitchen murals, for homes, and art for Sequoia Park Zoo and other public spaces.

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