Monday, April 9, 2012

Marian Coleman's "Walk on the Wild Side"
Our auction for netted about $1250 to donate (a firm number to follow when the dust settles).

Thank you to Stock and Rachel of the C Street Hall Gallery for donating the space and all the hours hanging the work and gallery sitting.

Times are tough and most pieces went for minimum bid, which means the donations are coming out of the artist's livelihoods, which is immensely generous. And they were happy to do it. Thank you so much to the artists! A beautiful show.

Some gallery visitors who could not afford to buy handed over what they could to donate for them.

And thank you to the collectors, for coming and walking away with some wonderful art to help Panthera.

Everything helps.

And we were able to spread the word about the wonderful work Panthera is doing to ensure a future with big cats in the wild.

Panthera’s mission is to ensure the survival of the world’s largest and most endangered cats through global conservation action. Panthera works with governments and local populations to set aside reserves and corridors for travel between. They are promoting a future in which wild cat species  can  persist and thrive in the wild. Read more on their website

We can save the tiger.

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  1. The exhibit was beautiful, I feel honored to part of it! Good Luck with future fundraising.
    Thank you Regina!